08 January 2021

B.K.L. remains closed

Dear folks,
Our government has loosened some of our Covid-laws, however concerning sports the rules are kept tight and were actually meant to help elite athletes to be able to train again.
Max 10 people, with masks and per person 30m2. Y’all know our cute, tiny gym. We couldn’t even let 10 people in, so we decided to stay closed and wait for better times and they are sure to come!!
Until then,
Stay strong, stay positive and test negative
The BKL Team
26 November 2020


Dear folks,
It's been a pleasure having you back in our gym. Unfortunately, we have to close our premises from today, 26th November on and until the 15th December, due to the new Covid-19 restrictions. The government is going to re-evaluate the situation on that date, so we might be open back as usual or with our reservation system.
Until then,
Stay strong, stay positive and test negative,
The BKL Team
16 November 2020

ATTENTION: Booking is now required

Due to the new Covid-19 measurements, spots in Bloc House are limited to:

10 spots downstairs

4 spots upstairs

1 spot for Eye-Tracking-Study of Jerry Medernach


If you want to book a spot, please comment on the latest reservation post on facebook with either


The Club will like your posts on a "first come-first serve" basis, as a confirmation of your booking.


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