22 August 2016

1. L√ętzebuerger Boulder Cup (LBC)

On 27th November will take place the 1. Lëtzebuerger Boulder Cup (LBC) at the Bloc House. Some first details are available on the official ICLIMB.LU website. 


01 August 2016

Visit from Mayor Lydie Polfer & Mr Paul Helminger

On 22nd July Mayor Lydie Polfer and Mr Paul Helminger visited our beloved Bloc House.


15 July 2016

Bouldering Team League

The Bouldering Team League results ( are updated. Still on the 1st place is TEAM BKL with 909 pts, followed by TEAM ION (436 pts) and 'Schefflenger Klammgecken' (256 pts).


Those who are not familiar with the Bouldering Team League can find all details here (




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